Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Good morning, dear ones! I haven't heard much from a lot of you recently - thank you, those of you who faithfully report in. :)
Today, my dear friend, Becky P., is introducing herself to you. She's a dear friend, and I know you'll enjoy getting to know her.
Hi friends,

I am Becky. A 34 year old SAHM to two girls. Hannah, a 6 year old girlygirl princess/drama queen & an 11 year old "anything BUT girlygirl", Heather. I have been married to Ron for almost 15 years and we live in East Tennessee.

In the summers we are usually out camping, hiking and fishing. Either that or at the pool. ANYTHING to keep the girls from going stir crazy.

My husband is a fur trapper and I participate with him in all of the trap meets acting right now as Lady Fur Harvestor Vice President. I also make handcrafted accessories out of the fur that he catches & Lady Fur Harvestor of the Year.

Besides my family, my true passion is paper crafting. I looove making cards and scrapbooking and love the friends that I have made because of it.

I love to read, I love to send and receive letters (yes, real snail mail ones) and I love movies.

It was only recently that I was able to quit my job as the Marketing Director for Realty Executives (Knoxville) and stay home with the girls. Now that both are in school, I find myself struggling with time management issues. I can ticktock an entire day away sitting in here at my desk...either plunking on the puter or stamping.

I have 3 fur ferocious beagle/bassett...Cyris (yes that is pronounced like Billy Ray)...who spends his days chasing squirrels and barking at leaves. The only way he might hurt you is if he ran over you...which he has proven is quite effective. I have Jenny...shes my old lady cat. Other than napping & eating she doesnt do much these days. And then there is Twinkle. Twink is my partner in crime. She and I hang out all day. Usually she in the middle of whatever I am working on or into SOMETHING. I have sooo enjoyed having a kitten all over again. She completely cracks me up!

Right now we are in between churches. It drives me batty. Whodathunk that living in the Bible Girdle of America wed have such a hard time findign a church to suit us? When we ARE a part of a church...I do get very active there. I am of course a Christian and do my very bestest to live by Jesus.

So right now...I am struggling most with self discipline and managment. I was recently told by the doctor that I needed to go to a low carb diet. My blood work came back waaay unlevel. That means no whites. No flour, no refined sugars, no potatoes, no no no--I struggle DAILY. I am a huge sweet eater and love bread. So I think Id seriously consider giving up an arm or a leg to be able to eat those. But in any case..not possible.

I also struggle with my husband. No...not in the way that most would think. Hes a wonderful husband. But he struggles with Bi-Polar, ADD and is also out of shape and in serious need of a lifestyle change. He balks at the thought of taking better care of himself and is constantly going to the doctor for that "magic pill". He has a bigger self discipline issue than I do.

So there you have it. I am a happy little person sittin at home lookin for a direction. Trying to listen to where and what I am supposed to be doing with myself.
Please take a moment to thank Becky, to visit her website, and to pray for her specific needs. :)
Have a WONDERFUL day, dear one. GOD LOVES YOU, so much. May you feel His presence today, holding you close.


Rhonda said...

I wish dearly I could be a SAHM again!! I will pray for your self discipline. I know how hard that one can be!!

karna said...

Nice to meet you, Becky and thanks for sharing. How fun to have two girls and be a lady fur harvester VP and crafter of same. I'd love to see a picture of something you've done with the fur! I'll head off to your website and hope for pictures there!

I will pray for the situation with your husband as that must be difficult on both of you. I guess all you can do is provide the best food possible for him and sit back and let him go outside the home and sneak the rest. ;) I've read up just a bit on the ADD food issues and am sure you must have as well if you have been married to him that long. It was like they need a protein breakfast - no cereal and milk,,etc.

God bless you

Becky in East Tennessee said...

Thanks for the well wishes. :)

Anonymous said...

Nice to best you, Becky,

Lori Pierce