Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Normally, I'd be introducing someone...

but everyone I've asked is too busy to write an intro and send it to me. If you would like to be my guest, email your bio and pic to me at :) I'd love to have us get to know each other better!

Last night, a thin but vicious line of thunderstorms rolled through here. It was quite fierce for a while, during my teaching an advanced stamping techniques class. :) Thankfully, we were safe and warm in here - but I can't say the same for my mom's gazing ball. :( It had a crack in it to begin with, but the wind trying to play basketball with it didn't help. I did get her a new gazing ball last year, so I hope she's still got it in the box!

Today is absolutely beautiful; it's sunny, and clear, and the squirrels are playing in the back yard. I love watching them; my mom thinks they're gross. LOL! I just see some of God's creatures, put out there for me to enjoy!

It IS cold, though; look at poor little Willie, trying to get a drink! The heater IS in the water, but I think it's heating enough of the water to not stop the pump - the water's running back down BEHIND the ice on the pedestal! :) I wish I could have gotten the sunlight's reflection off the ice like I can see it from my desk; it's so pretty. I love ice in the sun!

Since y'all seem to like my pictures :D, I wanted to share another pic of our Christmas cactus. This is the offspring of Kenn's dad's cactus, which was too big to move back with us. Kenn's best friend, Lee, and his wife are "babysitting" it for us. :D

ANYWAY. This cactus started blooming just at Christmas, and is still going strong - so is my mom's darker pink one. They both have brand-new buds on them. If you click on the pictures, you can enjoy them all much bigger. :)
So. Today is a catch-up day for me. My desk is FILLED, and I need to clear it off. It hasn't stayed clean for longer than a day for the past three months. Kenn's cough is coming back, and giving him asthma attacks today. I'm looking forward to going back to choir tonight; I've not been able to sing since Christmas!
My heart is overflowing with gratitude to my Savior and Creator today. Such a beautiful world I get to enjoy! He loves me SO mcuh, He put the squirrels and the birds in my back yard, so I can sit here and share with you how much pleasure they give me. :) I'm resting securely in His love today.
What are YOU doing today? Are you super-busy? Tell you what. I'm praying today that god will open your eyes today - no matter where you are, or what you're doing - and He'll show you some little thing that He knows you love and enjoy that He's put into your world for you this day. Take the moment to FEEL His love, dear one! I can't WAIT to hear what He showed you!
Health Update: The retinal specialist was very happy with me yesterday. He was actually the most chatty and pleasant of ANY of my visits, even before he looked at me! :) He had his assistant take some photos of my eyes, so they have a baseline of how I'm doing. I don't have to go back until the end of May! :) I DID have a LONG wait - the visit and commute took more than three hours - but I survived. :D


MammyT said...

That sounds like good news. Does that mean that your eyes are doing well, getting better, or what?
Prayin' for those beautiful eyes,

karna said...

i love the picture of the christmas cactus - my mom used to have a few of those and they lasted a long time and were so pretty. The bloom on yours tehre looks kind of like a fuschia. I love fuschias.

Glad your trip went well and its always good when a doctor actually talks to you...and great re end of May too girlie! Wonderful news.