Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Tuesday is Goal-Check Day!!!

It's that dreaded time of the week, ladies. :D It's time for us to 'fess up about how we're doing with the goals we've set ourselves. I'll go first, then ask those of you who sent me your goals some questions!
OK. First goal: reading the Bible in chronological order. I was up with my schedule until last night; my room threw up into the rest of the house while they're doing the floors :D, so I'm not quite sure where the Bible I'm using and my schedule got off to. It's on my list of things to find today. :D
Second goal: doing water aerobics twice a week, starting this week. Tonight is the class I attend, and Kenn knows I'm going, and I know I'm going, and my bag is all packed and ready to grab. :) I'm half dreading it, half looking forward to it. My endurance is way down, and it's amazing how much my carpal-tunnel hurts when working with water weights. But I love the water! :D I love being so much lighter in the water. LOL!
Third goal: setting office hours and keeping them. OK, not so good. I was on a conference call last night about balance in life - and I used to teach this stuff, too! :D - but the one thing he said was multi-tasking is a popular buzz word, but not an effective way of getting ANYTHING done. So, I'm going to stop multi-tasking, especially when I'm on the computer, and that should help me get much closer to this goal. I am doing better at keeping things separated. Another thing that came out of this call was: if I don't have separations and boundaries I'm willing to adhere to, why should I expect anyone else to adhere to them?
OK, I'm done. :D Now, then. Let me pull out my file! :) OK.
Deby. You're first. :D How are YOU doing? I know ou're reading. How about your organization? your WW?
Nancy! :) How are YOU doing? What steps toward your goals have you been able to take in the last week?
Judy? How's the exercise going? Still keeping on with it?
BECKY!! :D How are you doing with your billion goals? :D I know you're stamping and scrapping like you wanted to, and doing really well on your keeping your house straight. :) I know you didn't go to church Sunday because you hurt your leg. Plans for Wednesday night? How are you doing with your other goals?
Karen. :) How are those steps toward your accomplished goals going? Are you journaling? How's the Bible reading going? The rest of them? :)
Anyone else jumping on this bandwagon? :) It's never too late to set a goal for yourself. I'll be glad to help, if that's what you need. And we're ALL holding each other accountable.
The picture is from this morning; it's the wind chimes outside our back deck. It's REALLY warm here this morning; the weather front is moving in, so it's going to get stormy, but it's just silly when you go outside at 8:30 in the morning and it's as warm OUTSIDE as it is INSIDE, in JANUARY. AUGH!!!!!
:) OK. Time to move on to another task. I hope you're having a WONDERFUL day, my dear friend. I am blessed beyond measure by you!!!! Take this verse today, and take a moment to obey:
Psalm 46:10-11
Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth.
The LORD of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our refuge. Selah.


MammyT said...

Selah, indeed, my dear friend.
I am doing very well on two goals. One is "Improve my efficiency with my calendar/planning/goal-setting. Be realistic."
I found a really good fit with a calendar. You had me clarify how I was going to accomplish this goal, and part of it was to get a calendar that was just right for me, and begin to put everything in it. (I'll be in my church office to day, so I'll be putting those dates and deadlines into the calendar.) I can carry it
everywhere, cause I use big purses/backpacks, but it is large enough to do all I want it to.
The next goal I'm working on is "Set a "Prayer Time" in concrete, like an appointment. Put it on the calendar and stick to it." I'm just DOING it. 9 AM is the time I set. And to "Be Realistic", I set only a start time. So far I've prayed as little as 5 minutes and as much as 20.
Also in my weekly goals section I have names of people I'm praying for and any special needs. On the monthly page, I have a scripture which I am praying for all my friends every day. God may give me a new scripture for Feb. This month is Psalm 20:1-5.
I think I have a good start.
I'm eating a lot better than I was during the hols. Not walking or keeping track of my water intake yet.
Thanks Lori. It feels good to be accountable and to be able to share these things.

karna said...

hiya - the oddest thing happened - i haven't done most of my actions toward backwards goals - surprise! I did the chronological reading except for yesterday - i ate ok for 3 days but blew it yesterday. I have a mindset that it really doesn't start til thursday of this week - i think that is because i am hosting bunco and we will do teh backward goals and paint them...i dunno...like i said i'm in need of prayer for procrastination. thanks for the reminder :)

Lori Stilger said...

Nancy, I'm going to TRY doing this the way you suggested - but sometimes, it's just easier to answer when it comes to my email. :D

You're doing a wonderful job with meeting your goals. I'm sp glad for you!

Please keep praying for me today; things are not going well at home today, and I'm having a hard time with it. Thank you! :)

Lori Stilger said...

Karen, definitely praying about your procrastination issue. :D And changing the way you eat? Well, if you don't do a lifestyle change, it's not going to last anyway. So give yourself permission to be a LITTLE bad on bunco days, but change everything else slowly. Take it from someone who still needs to change a lot: go slowly, but make each change completely, and you'll succeed! Don't look at things as your being bad; look at it as a poor choice on your part, but you're definitely capable of making good choices, right? :)
(I'm preaching at myself here, too! LOL!!)
LOVE YOU! Keep up the work!!!

Anonymous said...

Lori, my goal is to be more faithful to God, exercise regularly, and become more crafty (you are helping me with this-hehehe!).

I am really praying for you as far as your diabetes is concerned. I am very proud of you for doing water aerobics. I have yet to fit exercise into my schedule and that is my goal. arghhhhhhh!

Have a great day,
Lori Pierce

Lori Stilger said...

OK, Lori! Here it is: do you have a game plan to reach those goals???? That's the only way you're going to find those moments to exercise. And you know what? Mom has a treadmill upstairs; if it comes down to it, you may need to come exercise at my house, then come downstairs and take a class! LOL!!!!
Thank you for praying for my glucose control. It's all in God's hands!!!! He's GOOD, regardless of my circumstances - some days are easier to remember that than others....

Becky in East Tennessee said...

Im here! Im here! I am checking in!!!!


house duties...doing well. I was up and dressed to the shoes first thing. I made all the beds and straightened all of upstairs before I even came down the steps. I have made it a point to do domestic stuff first thing in the morning so that I cant talk myself out of it later in the day. House is staying straighter, but I am not doing so hot on the CLEANING ONE ROOM A DAY thing.

Time Mgmt---ummm I am doing fair. My goal is to use my time more wisely. I seem to twitter so many hours away on the computer. In which yesterday I was in such a funky mood that I didnt spend any time on...today I got a bug in my bonnet to change my blog so I was on here all day...~sigh~ MODERATION.

And personal mgmt--can I just say I STINK AT IT! I have been drinking my water. But since I hurt myself exercise has been zero. Well ok...I did try to dance (video game) tonight. It hurts worse now tonight...but I am muttling through.

And spiritual. I am READING! I have been reading every morning. I made a pact that I cant eat breakfast until I am reading my study. I wake up starving so you can bet that I am eager to jump into my Bible.

Church...dang missed it this week. Not sure about tomorrow night.

And paper...I am doing fantastic in that area. Cept my Great room looks like a GREAT BIG MONSTER threw up in it. MUST CLEAN IT TOMORROW!

OK---now in reply to some of the other posts here.

Lori--I am sooo way praying for you. I know you are way stressed from having construction going on. I know how that turns your world upside down even when things are perfect. I am praying for Kenn that he may have mercy on you and maybe be a little more understanding. I am praying for all of your businesses to run smoothly for a few days so that you might catch your breath and find yourself. I am also praying for your sugars. I know all too well about keeping them in check and how very frustrating it is when they wont stay there...for no apparant reason. And I sooo pray for your eyes. I pray for their healing. For their strength.

Lori P--I pray for your will and desire to exercise. May you be blessed with just the right amount of time to squeeze in a few crunches.

Karna--I pray for you. EVEN on Bunco nights. I pray for you to overcome procrastination. Maybe instead of 3 handfulls of chips you could have 2? Maybe instead of 3 drinks you could have one and then drink water? Baby steps girl!

Nancy--woohoo! So proud of you for getting the calendar! I am also praying for you. Keep on trucking! You are a great inspiration! Hey...know how I track water? With Jellybeans. Every time I finish a glass I set a jellybean on my window sill. So by the afternoon if I have done WELL then I get a nice little treat. I chose Jellybeans cause they are lower in fat than most candy. And usually after about 8--I am good. M&Ms would work too I spose. But 8 M&Ms? Why bother?

And as we all know...prayer is heard when collective...so pray with me---

Dear Heavinly Father--we are so blessed to have found each other on this big web that you have given us. Lord I am so grateful that you have placed other Christians in my path that I may depend on, and hold dear to my heart in my every day. Dear Lord I life each one of them up to you. I pray for each one of them Lord, as we are each struggling in many different areas of life. Lord, I lift up the reasons that have been mentioned here, and of course the ones that have not. I pray for strength. I pray for preserverance. I pray for love and friendship to continue to grow. Dear Lord it is all these things that I say in your name. Amen.

Lori Stilger said...

Oh, GRAVY. I wrote a big ol' reply, and it didn't take!! :::SOB:::
OK. Here we go again!
Becky, THANK YOU for praying! That's awesome - I'm so glad we can all touch each other's lives like we have already this year! I look forward to growing even closer as we go along!
Beck, I know that you've already exercised today - GOOD FOR YOU!!!
I'm VERY pleased to see how everyone's doing with their goals; some of you (BECKY!!!) have some MAJOR goals for yourself, and if we can help each other attain them, that's EXACTLY what we're SUPPOSED to do as sisters in Him!!! I'm so excited! :D
Here, dear ones. Here is a Psalm for you, our of Ps. 97:
9 For you, O LORD, are the Most High over all the earth;
you are exalted far above all gods.

10 Let those who love the LORD hate evil,
for he guards the lives of his faithful ones
and delivers them from the hand of the wicked.

11 Light is shed upon the righteous
and joy on the upright in heart.

Anonymous said...

HI Lori, I hope you get to read this comment since you already have a few new days posted.
Ok I meant to exercise at work Mon-Wed and guess what? I forgot my bag everyday this wk. I know I know--poor planning on my part. I used to go to Angela's exercise class on wed nights but I so need to get more of God's word when I can. So last night I went to DeMarco's class and it was a great thing for me. Here is my exercise problem I don't belong to a gym and I really can't afford to join right now. I may take you up on the treadmill offer, seriously.

Anyways I hope you are feeling ok and I hope your glucose has stabalized somewhat. I missed seeing you at church last night.

Lori Pierce

Bren said...

Hi Lori...I have been lurking for a while...not usually my style, but I have just been busy. I enjoy your blog very much. I like the goal challenge you have going on...I posted my goal poster and did a couple of posts on goals since the New Year. Just wanted to say hi and let you know I am reading.

Sheri said...

Hi Lori, finally getting to your blog and I think I will join in the goal setting club.

My areas I want to work on are to keep computer time moderate, I want to start to exercise. I like water aerobics too! Biggest is that I want to get back into a routine with the Lord. I am lacking structure. I have so many things to work on but I will start with the most important three.

So my goal this week is to do some exercise at least once this week. Preferably water aerobics. To look at ways I can nurture myself spiritually. Start to work on one new spiritual habit, like get up to pray in AM And keep computer time minimal.