Tuesday, January 29, 2008


OK, so I'm on my way out the door to a retinal specialist's appointment, and don't have a lot of time to post - so no pic right now. It's REALLY gloomy outside, anyway. :)

So, how are you doing on your goals? Judy? Nancy? Karen? Becky already emailed me - she's not feeling well, so prayers for her would be great! Check her blog for more details. Everyone else? I'll pull out my file when I get home, if I need to! :D

I'm about the same as last week! I'm a little behind on my reading still. Haven't been able to go to water aerobics because of the cough. :( My bag is packed and ready, though, for whenever this crud is GONE.

I'll try to post more later, but I also have to teach a class tonight that isn't prepped at all. AUGH!!!!! :D Have a wonderful day!


rhonda said...

I am very excited to check in today!! My budget is going great! We made a trip to Alpine for a few things we needed to get through the week. I am so proud to say I kept to my budget and even kept track of every penny we spent!! Boy,did it ever feel good!!!! The real test will be this weekend when I do our BIG shopping. (Remember, we live in the middle of nowhere.... literally! I shop for a month to a month and a half at a time!)

I am also very pleased to say that I will be starting a women's Bible study In March!!! I had a couple of christian ladies over last night and we discussed it. They were really excited and already have about four other ladies they want to invite!! Please keep it in prayer! I promised them I would pray for a month over it and then we would start. This has been a desire of my heart for quite some time! I pray that it will bless the Lord and strengthen the ladies involved.

God Bless each and everyone of you far more than you could ever imagine!!!

Anonymous said...

Lori, how did the specialist appt go? I have been praying.

As far as my goals, I am doing good. I have been walking with my dad when I am not working and when I am working I work out at the gym upstairs at work.
As far as getting spiritually fed, I am meeting that goal. Wed night lesson has been great.
Take care,
Lori P.

karna said...

rhonda - that is AWESOME!
lori p- that's great

i ended up going from the online reading of the word daily to using a book of psalms for this set. I seem to get more when resting and reading and not at the computer - i feel tugged to do something else when i am at the computer, but with the Bible or like this book of psalms, my spirit seems more quieted.

i am eating sporadically becuase i am not sleeping - and have had sugar and white stuff as well.


Anonymous said...

This week has been tough as I have had 2 sick kids. Only more proof that I am an emotional eater. I didnt fall completely off the wagon with my diet, but it sure has been a struggle this week. Why does a diet coke taste SOOOO much better than water?

My house is ok. Its not as neat as Id like it to be but I am hanging in there.

My Bible study is going deeper than I ever imagined.

All in all...I guess I would call it a status quo week. No detriments, not real successes.

But God is Good!

MammyT said...

I'm just leaving a note to say I was here. I haven't abandoned you. Being sick for 2 or 3 days just really threw me off on getting things done. Praying for you as always. Keep me posted.