Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Glucose update. :)

Hi, ladies. My new dear friend, Nancy, is praying diligently for my glucose readings, and keeps asking me how I'm doing. :D I'm glad you care!
This is my "lifeline", my meter.
It's a vampire! The biggest problem is the cost of the strips for this puppy - I'm not testing as often this week as I should, because I'm running low on funds. However, I am trying to watch it!
My readings have been really, really high lately. I've been stressed, and that NEVER does well for me. This morning, my fasting reading was still high, but lower than it has been every other morning for a week. I just tested, right after I took this picture: it's PERFECT right now, even though I feel INCREDIBLY stressed. So PLEASE keep the prayers coming!
As far as my eyesight goes, I have another check with my retinal specialist the end of this month. My left eye continues to have "episodes", and I'm in the middle of one now. I don't say anything around the house about it, because there's no reason to worry anyone. It's just something I'm going to have to live with. :)
Thank you for caring, ladies. I hope you're having a wonderful day!


MammyT said...

Praying for you this evening and thinking about you at your water aerobics session. To me it is such a hassle to get out there, change clothes, get done, change clothes, come home again. I've tried it soooo many times: swimming, circuit training, the Y, etc. So the walking goal is going to be my next focus. I just have to leash the dog, slip on whatever is appropriate for the weather, and go. I have everything I need even if it is very cold. I actually enjoy it, once I get out. The experts are raving that walking is probably the best thing we can do. So.
Praying for your eyes, as well. Fervently. Believing.
Loved the sharing on what we learned in church.

Becky in East Tennessee said...

Bless you dear one. I am praying too! Praying. Praying. Praying.

Tonight I am also adding a prayer for your safety as I know the weather is sposed to get bad for us all as the evening goes on. Be safe.

PS...have you considered changing meters? Freestyle strips are usually cheaper than the OneTouches. They are all too high...but still.

Lori Stilger said...

Let's see. I got all the way to the Y last night, and met my teacher coming out the door. Because of the dumb weather we had last night, they cancelled class. So I turned around and came home - but exercised a bit here on my own. Still going tomorrow night! :D We certainly can't have TWO days of tornado warnings in the same week of JANUARY!!!?!?!!
A "silent reader" of this blog is stopping by this afternoon with a vial of strips for my meter. I told her I wouldn't say no; God uses His people to do His blessing, and I'm not going to deny anyone the opportunity to be used by Him!!! I'm blessed and humbled.
Beck, I DO have other meters; this one is the one I have strips for right now. I can think of four different meters lying around the house right now - three within ten feet of me. LOL!!!! My strips ARE covered by my insurance company, but the copay on them's pretty high - and when I'm paying $200+/month for the med copays, it can get a little tight sometimes....
Nancy, I like to walk SOME, too, but I don't have a dog - so sometimes I feel funny, since we live in a subdivision. "Oh, look at the fat woman. I hope she's trying to lose weight...." :) The water's much better on my joints, etc, and I like the resistance that helps tone while I'm working. :)
Last night, once again, my sugars shot thru the roof - I think it was a combination of things, like too much stress, a few too many onion rings from Sonic, etc - but I prayed, took my meds, and it was almost normal this morning. So wierd. I'm being SUPER-careful again today. No fun, but necessary.
OK, girls. I'm off to get busy! So much to do, so little time - and desire, most of the time. LOL!!!!!