Thursday, January 3, 2008

Just a quickie for today! :D

Of course, I MAY be back later today to talk your ear off! LOL!
It's been a busy day already today, and we're on our way to the movies with my parents. I'm still waiting for some of you to send me your goals.... :)
I've got to run - we had a photo shoot this morning, so that's why I'm out of time. Enjoy this B&W of our dogwood tree, and I'll be back later! Have a BLESSED day!

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MammyT said...

You have my list of goals, and I thought I'd make my first project "improving my efficiency with my calendar/planning/goalsetting. I am pondering the suggestions you have made so far. It is a vague goal, so I'm going to start by purchasing a planbook that is easy to carry with me, but big enough to hold everything I want there. I don't need all of the stuff that is usually found in these things, so I'm going today to shop for one that meets my needs. I realize I have to have it with me at all times or it is worthless. Having all kinds of notes and little slips everywhere -- some may make it into my calendar and some may not. Does that sound like a plan?Nancy