Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Now I'm ready to share specific prayer needs!

Rather appropriate verse for me today. :) Let me explain.
As a reader of this blog, you know I've really been struggling with my glucose levels. Well, today was my diabetes specialist 3-month appointment. Well, we both put stuff out on the line, and what's been happening is glycemic toxicity. That's where my body has too much insulin in it, because I've been putting more in - but my body is also extremely insulin-resistant, so my glucose level is too high. It's a vicious cycle, and one that I have to try to stop.
She wants me to eat 90 grams of carbs a day - which is easy, because that's about what I eat already. The hard part is WHEN.
So, starting tomorrow, I HAVE to eat a bigger breakfast, which I really, REALLY hate. And I can't eat after 6 pm. THAT will be true torture!!!!!
I go back in three weeks, to see how things are going. It's my fasting sugars that are really out of control, and when I get stressed, forget it.
Next week is my check-up with my retinal specialist. He's not going to be happy, but I'm doing what I can. Please pray that this works to get me out of this awful loop!
I've also got the respiratory crud again, which HURTS. Kenn is in a depression; he's not feeling very well, AND his jobs have fallen off - so we're hurting. With co-pays for expensive COBRA for meds and doctors appointments and the monthly payments, I'm EXPENSIVE.
OK. :) I'm done. Thank you for praying, dear friends. I can't tell you how much I appreciate knowing you're there!


Anonymous said...

Lori, you and Kenn will be in my thoughts and prayers. Maybe we'll have to go to Cracker Barrel one morning and I'll treat you to a big breakfast. Does that sound good?

Lori Pierce

karna said...

i'll fly in :) I wish I could -- you ar in my prayers, as is Kenn. I know diabetes is usually a lot of finessing to each person's own system - so hopefully this will work, and please dear friend, do only what they say...(I kind of wish some doctor would tell me to eat 90 carbs a day LOLOL - that would be easy is right!) I think i'm supposed to have 23 or something.

Becky in East Tennessee said...

I am with you there. *LOL* I am sposed to have less than 60. But the numbers dont matter its all hard as heck. Society today doesnt adhere to what our bodies were made to do. We were created fine tuning needed. But being HUMAN we all have fine tuned ourselves right into NOT WORKING. Bless you Lori. Maybe get up earlier so that when its time for breakfast it will really be lunch? *LOL* I am kidding. With all Joking aside--you are in my deepest prayers. In all aspects. Funny. God doesnt bring us TO anything without bringing us THROUGH it too. But His timing sure isnt what I often think of as snappy.
Praying for Kenn as well. May he find peace.

Love you bunches!

MammyT said...

Lori. Still praying for you. And Believing. Low Blood sugar and healing in your eyes. Looks like the Vinedresser is cultivating Fruit of the Spirit in you. the one called "Self Control". You are spread pretty thin right now. Wow.

Rhonda said...

Lori, You are in my prayers. I will be praying that you will use the ability God has already placed in you to follow through on all the Doc says to do! Stick with it my friend!

I know that, by using the strength God gives to you, God will belss you richly and will take care of every need you have!!

Love you! ((((((((((((Lori))))))))))))


sparrow's song said...

I have diabetes too but take pills to help control it. Your situation is far greater than mind but I can sympathize greatly. Low sugar, low fat has become my new life style change of which I am not always faithful.

Retinal specialist- few people understand that sugar can steal our eyesight. After bringing my sugar under some control, my eyesight became much more clear. I got up one morning and freaked out at the Hi-definition I was seeing everything in. Sugar is NOT a friend!!

Please, please continue to endeavor for better health. Pausing to lift you, Lori, and Kenn in prayer.

A pleasure to meet you!

MightyMom said...

prayers said for you.

I am so very glad you came by to play yesterday!! Don't forget to see who won tomorrow!!