Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

How did you celebrate last night? I don't want to talk about it - but we've already made plans about what we want to do for New Year's Eve 2008. :D

Don't you love this photo? I leaned out the window of our sun porch to take it. This beautiful reminder of God's love was right around the corner - I just had to look for it. Today, for instance. It's MUCH colder than it's been in the past few days, but it is BEAUTIFUL - the sun is shining, the fountain is bubbling merrily away, the squirrels are playing in the back yard. What a glorious start to the new year!

Well, today starts those "resolutions". I don't believe in them - they're not goals with deadlines, so there isn't a reason to stick with them! :) So, I've got goals for this year.

First, I'm joining with some dear friends in reading thru the Bible in chronological order. I've printed off the whole year, so I can tick them off daily. I am COMMITTED to doing this; I need to, but I haven't had anyone to hold me accountable in the past few years - so I start, then stop, and no one knows or cares. I expect YOU to hold me to it! :)

Next, I am going to make sure my time is used more wisely. I am setting up "office hours" for the photography business, so both my husband and I know when I'm supposed to be working on things for it. I'll be setting up studio time for stamping and creating, and office time for my other businesses, too. I want to get on a schedule, so I don't feel like I'm at everyone's beck and call 24/7. I need to take care of me, too!

And as my last "share" for the day, I am going to get back to going to the Y. As part of taking care of myself, I need to give my body all the tools I can for using insulin and glucose the way it's supposed to! So, I pledge to start going to the Y at least twice a week starting next week, to do my water aerobics. I enjoy them when I'm there, but it's GETTING there that can be difficult! :)

So. Do YOU want to share your goals for this year? It will help to have someone hold you accountable, I promise! Feel free to share whatever you'd like in a comment - or email me privately at pooh0612@aol.com. Let's work TOGETHER! :)

Have a wonderful day, dear friend. Look for the little piece of beauty God put there for you to find!


Becky in East Tennessee said...

Ohhhh I can tell I am really really gonna like it here!!

I have lots of goals this year too, but the biggest one I am going to conquer is time management!

Thanks for the link the Bible reading schedule. I had already started rereading. But I will get on this schedule so I can come here and ask you my crazy questions.

I wish you the best year of your life (that is so far...from here on forward...may it just get better)

MammyT said...

I'm still working on my goals. I don't have time or money enough to do it all. I'm planning not only the difficult character building goals, but some fun ones too. I'm still prioritizing, shuffling and crossing-out. But I will share them with you when I am finished. You know, this is going to be good. I feel comfortable with this. You are going to be a good friend. God bless you. Thank you for being so real.

Robin said...

Great idea about reading through the Bible. Good luck!

Daughter of the King said...

I am using the Bible schedule that I used last year...posted on my blog..gotta scroll down a few days.......as just my basics...I want to study the word...on some topics...Prayer and repentance....
I want to see people in a way that I see their NEED...people need salvation and need to discover ways to get the WORD out....
of course their are some personal things too..Lori..WEIGHT....I am just doing WW points...
getting more organized in my home and time....and get to make new blogger friends.....just love this way of connecting...

MammyT said...

Lori, I'm sending you a copy of the invitation I made to some very lovely ladies on a forum I belong to. I just wanted to share *you* with them, in case they don't know you.
>>"I’m still working on my goals for 2008. (My friend, Lisa, at http://wannabethatgal.blogspot.com/ refuses to call them "resolutions"). I like that. I urge you to look at her new blog. This one is more for personal reflections, rather than stamping, etc. I think she is going to have a real ministry online. If you are a "Proverbs 31 wannabe", you will feel right at home.

J-ME said...

I'm joining you in the daily Bible reading, Lori. Isn't it fun to see what God has done and look forward to what He will do??!! We need the acccountability and the encouragement to keep at it.
So fun to hear of snowflakes in TN. We were blessed with 10" here last night. Fun to have a snow day/no school. J-ME

karna said...

Hi Mammy - i was going to go to Lisa's blog that you were talking about but it's lori's blogspot - I know a lisa who blogs, and am wondering if its the same wonderful gal...Would you repost Lisa's link? thanks so much,Karen