Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Good morning, everyone! I thought I'd share a picture of Kenn today. :D Isn't he cute? He doesn't know I took this, nor does he realize I'm sharing with you - so be nice. :D
Today is the day we share how we're doing reaching our goals. I'm faltering a bit - but how was I to know that not one, but TWO days last week, water aerobics would be called because of TORNADO WATCHES in JANUARY?!?!??! Sheesh.
I AM going to go this afternoon, however. I've already told Kenn, my bag is still packed, it's beautiful, sunny and COLD outside - so there SHOULDN'T be any weather issues. Please, God???
Bible reading: I'm doing well there. I'm reading from the Message Bible, so it's really easy to read. That's certainly helping!
Office hours: have gone out the window. With this directing thing, and wanting to spend time with my family, it's getting a bit silly. I DO need to get creative for this weekend, however, and for next week - workshops and classes - so will plan to do that later this week.
OK. YOUR turn. :) Tell me how you're doing!!!!!!! Let's TALK!!! ;)


karna said...

Morning Lori - oh i would knock you upside the head if you took a picture of me NOT SMILING and put it on the internet :)...but I'll never tell that Kenn!

goal check - I have been faithful to read the bible everyday with the online program - also the message - which is really different than any bible I'm used to. I get a kick out of it sometimes.

I am on day 5 of my eating program with no sugar, white flour, bread of anything white - and no eating in between meals. I am kind of standing back amazed. I follow the Food Addicts in Recovery plan which is lowfat plain yoghurt with fruit and oatmeal for breakfast, 4 oz protein, 6 oz cooked vegetable and 8 oz salad with 1 TB Marie's Bleu Cheese dressing and then the same for dinner.

I do have a lot of cleaning to do around here - and have unearthed an amazing amount of paperwork and some odd batch of clothing at the back of my closet to deal with.

I cooked a fabulous dinner - even just for me! Pork loin then i sauteed mushrooms, onions and apple in a bit of butter with a tad of cooking sherry and then poured it over the pork loin the last 30 min...it was delish!!!!!!!

So I'm pretty happy to report in today :)

MammyT said...

Goals. Hmmm. I am continuing with my prayer time. I had to change the time of day once or twice so far, but that's all. The thing is that some of the goals I'm setting seem to be finding spiritual opposition and traps have been set. Fell into one this past weekend, but was able to climb out without too much trouble. I don't mention any names, so as not to give undue credit. Lori, you know!
On my goal for healthy eating, I am really doing well. I have made one change which has had a dramatic impact. Eating a large breakfast. My husband cooks breakfast for us and it includes plenty of protein, some fat and carbs in that order. Like eggs, bacon and toast. I think that it kick starts my metbolism and I eat less toward the end of the day. I haven't had the kind of cravings I'm used to in the evenings. I feel good about that. I haven't even checked my weight. It's more about feeling well and being fit.
Karna, with your eating plan, I hope you see some great results.
That sounds like a good quick start plan.
Water is still an issue. I don't know why. I just don't have the water portion conveniently planned. Any ideas?
That's all I can think of now.

Anonymous said...

Lori, I think the picture of Ken is cute. I just want to rub his head since his hair is growing back. ha!
Ok how is your glucose level, missy? I have to say that I walked 6 miles with my dad at the greenway on Sat. I wanted to turn back but I couldn't let my 63 yr old dad outdo me. I have horrible blisters that I have to bandage up just so I can wear shoes. Anyways I want to do it again. It felt so good afterwards.

Lori P.

Rhonda B. said...

It took me awhile to set my goals. I suppose it is better to be late in making them than to never make them at all!!

My main goal is to set a reasonable budget. I sat down Monday night, knowing there would be a accountability check on Tuesday, and worked my budget so that every dollar I receive has a name and destination. Dave Ramsey reccomends that you work your budget so that it equzls to Zero in the end. This is what I did, and I felt so good about it! Now the tricky part is making it stick when I get paid!!
One other goal I have made is that I will start getting together with a few women from this community and working towards leading a Bible study with them. I have tentatively set a date for January 26th, I just have to make sure everyone will be able to make it.
I am certain that Lori is the only one that knows I live in a National Park in Texas. This particular park is so large that we have our own Texas Recognized school, which is where I teach. This park is full of people who do not know God. Talk about a mission field!!!! So you can see that this goal is a difficult one. It can only be accomplished through the power of God!!

Becky in East Tennessee said...

WOW! I hate that I havent checked this post before now. I am checking in...but late.

1) TIME MGMT...fair. Not great...but hanging in there. I am crafting more, I am keeping my house straight.
2) PERSONAL MGMT...(also being a graduate of FPU ~Dave Ramsey~ I have gotten better with our money.) I am on the no white diet too and drinking my water. Funniest thing though--since I am eating so many grains and doses of fiber and drinking so much water I feel like I spend my days in the bathroom. I havent felt the weight falling off, but I am certainly learning what I CAN and CANNOT eat. I am slowly starting to feel amazingly better. Exercise is still a struggle. I wish I could do something for every day...but for now I want to get 3 times a week down pat.

I dont remember the order or what my goals are exactly. So I am just gonna spout them out.

--Sewing...still havent. UGH!

--Reading Bible. Yes. I like this goal. Its easy!!! :D

--Spending more QUALITY time with family. Yes! I have done some activities with the girls and I really try to be OFF the computer and away from my desk when they get home and when my husband gets home.

--I have decided to make Tuesdays my get up and get out of the house days. I am going to have lunch...meet friends -- do SOMETHING to make me human.

--all in all...I am hanging in there.