Saturday, January 5, 2008

I'm blessed beyond measure!

This is one view of my stamping/crafting room in our house. If you are just getting to know me :), you don't know that we share a house with my parents. They are some of the most Godly people I've ever been around, and I am SO grateful for all their generosity, their guidance, and their friendship!

Part of their generosity is this room. It was given over to me for my business pretty much almost two years ago, but last May, while Kenn and I were in Oregon (my favorite place in the world!) for my stepdaughter's wedding, our contracter - another story you'll learn about, Greg McDougal - came and put in cabinets and the counter, according to plans Dad and I had decided on. I LOVE MY SPACE. It is an inviting, airy, WORKING room.

If you are a primary reader of my other blog, then you're well aware that I hold lots of classes and workshops/parties in this room. :) Today was the first of the new year - and it was more successful than any of its type that I've ever had. God truly blessed me today, and this room was FULL - almost to the point of not being able to move! - of women who love to stamp, of women who I consider some of my best friends. I was blessed to see them, and blessed by their business today. I am favored by my Father!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trials and tribulations come with breathing. :) GOD IS GOOD. That is a PERIOD, ladies. :) Regardless of my circumstances, He IS. He is GOOD, and He LOVES ME. And HE LOVES YOU. What an awesome, mighty, grace-defining, merciful, loving God we serve!

I'm about done in, ladies. :) LONG day today, short night last night and this, so I'm going to bed. Actually, I think I'll take a bubble bath - one of my all-time favorite things to do. LOL!!!!

Have a wonderful, blessed Sunday. Don't forget to listen closely - Monday will be "What I heard at church" day! :D

And remember: YOU ARE LOVED!


MammyT said...

Oh your room! I say, your room is gorgeous. Coincidenatlly, We are the parents, living with youngest dd, sil and two gkds. Soon we will be in our own home. I will have my space, Praise be to God!. You are so blessed, Lori. I look forward to the sharing tomorrow.

Persuaded said...

Wow! That is a beautiful room! My sewing room is actually a corner of the dining room... also known as our school room, also known as the kids craft area... works for us:-)

Have a blessed Sabbath!

karna said...

Lori - indeed you are so fortunate!! that is the best room ever for what you are accomplishing!!! Wonderful and glad to hear you had an 'almost too full' room of ladies...YAY. God is good all the time.

MammyT said...

Well, sweetie, I have started my file for "Sunday Sharing" (or Monday, or whatever). I'm so blessed. You made me go over my notes and organize into a nutshell what I learned yesterday morning. What a cool way to reinforce the message for me. This is going to be great.