Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tuesday is GOAL DAY!!!!

The angel of the LORD encamps around those who fear him,
and he delivers them.
Taste and see that the LORD is good;
blessed is the man who takes refuge in him.
Fear the LORD, you his saints,
for those who fear him lack nothing.
Psalm 34:7-9
Good afternoon, dear friends!!!! How are you doing today? I'm able to be up and around, thank God. He is GOOD all the time, but sometimes, I'll admit, I have a really hard time remembering that when I can't breathe from coughing. Kenn's going through it yet again, too - this is his THIRD time, and he's got asthma, so it's really difficult for him. Prayers for him would be SO appreciated!
OK, down to our GOALS. I'll confess. My golas fell by the wayside pretty much while I was sick, so I need to get back on the bandwagon and catch back up with my reading, especially. I did go to water aerobics a week ago today, and thoroughly enjoyed it, but I can't go tonight - the slightest exertion starts me coughing again. I AM planning on going on Thursday! I love my instructor, I love feeling like I've accomplished something - so I'm looking forward to CONTINUING that again. :)
So, I confessed. They say it's good for the soul. :D Who's next??? I've been printing them out as you send them to me! Sheri? Rhonda? Becky? Nancy? Let's see. Let me find my folder.... (I keep getting sidetracked! LOL!! TOO much to catch up on!!) Aha. Deby? Judy? Karen? Anyone I missed? :)
More health stuff: Well, got a phone call from my doctor's office last night. My A1c, which is the average of my glucose levels over the last three months, was a 7.0. This is MUCH better than I thought it was going to be (that averages to a 150 glucose reading average!), but of course it still needs to be lower. The thing that concerned them a bit is that my liver enzymes, which have been elevated since they started testing me, jumped some this last time. SO, I've stopped taking my cholesterol med for the next two weeks, and I'll have a liver ultrasound done when I go in for my next appointment on Feb. 6, to make sure nothing serious is going on with IT. I MEAN, when it rains, it pours. LOL! My glucose readings are awesome these days - of course, I really haven't felt like EATING much the past week.... :D But thank you SO VERY MUCH for all your prayers!!!!! Keep 'em coming, dear friends! :D
OK. That's it for me. This is a lot of typing for someone who should be resting. LOL!!!!
GOD BLESS YOU, dear one. He loves you, so very much. Be embraced by Him!!!!


Heather said...

Dear Lori,

I am SO happy to hear about your glucose levels ~ Praise God! I will continue to pray for good news on your liver ulstrasound.

This is my first post with you, but I have been reading since you started this blog. There are some really strong women of God on here and it is refreshing to read all of the postivity.

I will share with you two of my goals for the new year... 1) to lose, at least, 40 lbs. (haven't set the date) and 2) to stick with the diet my diabetes specialist wants me to be on.

Peace be with you and your readers,

karna said...

Karen checking in - have kept up with bible reading and have NOT been good on my no sugar, no white stuff plan. Financial issues are crushing in on me and while I keep giving them to God, nothing stops. This has been an issue since November and should have been taken care of long before now. (Has to do with my son's probate)...in the meantime I've had to become compromised financially in keeping up with the house payments, keeping the house going etc., until probate is over and the house is in my name. I cannot seem to find work tho i have applied many places and just have my social security which is small because I had to quit work to come take care of my son in 2002. So if you would lift up my needs i;'d appreciate it...i knowGod knows them, and I guess I'm learning megalessons, but feel so stressed today. I've always had the blessing of being able to help others and never been on this end before; frightening really. thanks,karen

MammyT said...

I think I'm doing pretty well. I am praying as I said I would, but have changed the time of day. I think I was bowing to the "start your day with prayer" concept and having a difficult time. The mornings are the busiest time for me. I still start my day with prayer, greeting my God at the start of each new day, thanking Him, etc. but I keep my intercessory and meditation times with Him for the evenings after kids are in bed. The great thing about it is that I'm adjusting things without feeling like I blew it. Something you said early on made me look at this process differently than I ever have. Instead of a challenge like "Let's see if you can do THIS." it's more of a "you can do it - it's just a matter of finding the way that works for you." That is so much kinder, and so much more conducive to success. I started keeping track of my water drinking. I'm increasing it so much that I was out of bed 3 times last night! That's the downside! Another goal -- my calendar, is working beautifully! It makes me wonder what was so hard about it before!?
I'm happy some of your testing is coming back with improvement showing. You have a lot of things going on. Do you know the top 10 Cholesterol-reducing foods? These are regular foods like oatmeal, spinach and soy products, that actually work to LOWER cholesterol.
Let me know and I'll send them to you if you don't have the list.

rhonda said...

Lori,I am so very glad to hear you are doing better! I,too, will continue the prayers.

I am so satisfied that I was able to stick to my budget this last week!!! Even when the kids were begging to go out for lunch on Sunday I was able to confidently say,"no, It is not in the budget." IT felt GREAT to know for sure what I can and can't afford. Giving every dollar a name, or destination, REALLY helps.
I will be having a group of ladies over tomorrow night. This isn't for a bible study, just a get together. It is a way of getting in the door to start a desperately needed ministry here in Big Bend National Park. Please pray that I will be able to make a connection with these ladies so that we can begin having a true fellowship time together.

I have some issues coming up in the next week that I have to address. This will not be a terribly easy time, however, it is necessary. Sometime I will give more details, but now isn't the time! Just pray God know what I need!!
I wish everyone a wonderful God filled day!