Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Wednesday: Introduction Day!

Good morning, dear friend! Today's an easy day for me; I'm going to let Karen - aka Karna - tell you about herself.

I am Karen, old blonde woman going on Medicare this year WAAA WAAAA - it is hard to think I will be 65 years old next month. I feel like I'm 19 except when I go to get up off my sofa and the bones creak a bit or the body wants to stay in that position and not jump right up. I had two children, and two grandchildren. I was married for 35 years and divorced in wow thats 9 years already.
Our family was fractured and blown apart in 1997 when my daughter accused my husband of molesting our granddaughter. That's like a time bomb going off and you hadn't read the book on how to survive.
So its been a long 10 years and a sad journey to say the least. In the midst of it all my son was diagnosed with MS - his wife left with their baby, and I was asked to come and be his caregiver. It was my joy and we spent 5 years together - he was brave and wonderful and passed away in June of 1996. He is safe with Jesus and I am left sad and lonely without him in my life. They say the second year after a loss is worse than the first one and I think I can attest to that.
Meanwhile I am remodeling his home and need to sell it pronto - of course I always buy in a high market and sell in a low, but this tops the cake right now -- couldn't be a worse time. I am just trying to trust the Lord to have a buyer out there so that it can be sold and I can pay my bills and move on.
Guess I'll stop cuz I could write a book - I have dreams and aspirations and know that the year 2008 (the #8 signifies 'new beginnings') will bring new journeys, lessons, and joy during the midst of all!
Thanks SO much, Karen! Ladies, let's lift Karen's needs, desires, and praises to God!!!


Becky in East Tennessee said...

Karen! It is SOOOOO nice to meet you. And OMG! What a life you have had. WOW! You make me feel so guilty for whining about myself when really I have so much to be thankful for.

I also see what a remarkable and outstanding woman you must be. God doesnt give whimps big orders like the ones you have had to fill. Your faith and strength is amazing!

I do pray with you regarding a buyer. When you remodel and fix up...remember to say it with love. Make it as though you are making a home for a very special family, rather than just a house that has got to sell. That family is out there...waiting...they may not know it yet--but get it ready for them!

I pray for great things in your next year! WOOHOO! I like the sounds of #8 meaning change! I am all for that!

Very nice to meet you!

MammyT said...

Hello Karen,
I think it's a great idea to have an introduction like this. We are a praying group, and need each other. I'm praying Psalm 20:1-5 for my friends on my prayer list this month. (Got the idea from Lori - thanks L.) I will add you to it. And come visit me on my blog, as well. You never know what you'll find there. These last few days, I've felt kind of crazy. ("good" crazy, I mean) Just been having fun. I love the wisdom in becky's comment for you, regarding your preparing that house for a family that God has waiting for it. Good job, becky.
My God is More Than Enough!

Anonymous said...

Karen, it's so nice to meet you. Thanks for sharing a little bit about yourself,

Lori Pierce

karna said...

How gracious you all are - and thank you for your love and comments. I really do appreciate your prayers for me. And Becky - my remodeler who is an incredible man is always doing the BEST things with the most HEART around this house -- he says it was Jeff's home, we'll make it like he wanted (my son) and really nice for the new buyer who God has in mind. He always says It only takes one buyer and God has the buyer already. I am always saying do we have to spend money on that...i'm not staying here - let them buy that LOL..he says no you do it like you would for yourself and then its all perfet. You have the same wisdom.

When I was a new christian at age 31 and started a five year bible study (Bible Study Fellowship Int.)I realized I had few if any challenges and began to say to the Lord: Don't you think I am worth any think I can't handle any troubles? HAHAHAHAHA oh thats right you can't you wimp newbie--let me grow you a bit - like 23 years and let i'll let ya have it! I say: GOD IS FAITHFUL and never leaves us...its not about how I handle this, really. Its about His mercy and grace and protection in the process...I am often found hiding under his wing.

Nice to meet all of you as well - and praying for you too. Mammy - where is the link to your blog????

Bunco went well except for a few little brownie bites and two movies with popcorn: Atonement (most excellent) and Enchanged (most engaging and NECESSARY to see if you are in a bad mood). It was SOOOOOOOOOO dang cute.

Ok, i've gone on long enough....
love you all,

Lori Stilger said...

Karen, did you find the link to Nancy's blog? It's on the side of my blog - More Than Enough - or you can go here -