Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Please Meet Rhonda!

Hi, everyone! Rhonda's not sure how to send me a pic, and I haven't seen her in person since my wedding 11.5 years ago. :) I'll try to find a picture of either her, or both of us, from our "way back when days" - Rhonda was one of my roomies in college. We have a very UNIQUE story about how we became friends, which perhaps we'll share sometimes. :D ANYWAY. I'm thrilled to introduce you to my friend!
UPDATE: This photo is from my wedding, obviously. :D Rhonda was my matron of honor.

Hi everyone!
I am Rhonda. I am 41 years young. At least, that’s what I keep telling myself.;) I figure if I tell myself I am young I might stay that way a little longer!!!

I have three children who can be blessings or burdens depending on the day! My oldest is Audrey who is 14yrs old. She had become my most responsible one. She has had to do a lot of growing up over the last 8 months and it is proving to be a very good thing! However, she can be a typical teenager complete with the attitude!!!

My second child cam shortly after her, 14 months after her!!
She is Amber and has 13 years behind her! She is my very quiet child, but when you’re not watching she can be quite loud! She and Audrey are as different as night and day in the things they like to do. Amber’s interests revolve around anything to do with the military!!!! The greener the better! Audrey is the Girly girl, no outside activities for her!!!!

Jeremy is my baby at 10 years old. Have you ever noticed exactly HOW different boys are from girls? I learn new lessons each and every day! He does keep me on my toes!! I am ever so glad that God gave him to me!

Our little family has had a very rough 8 months. Because of a situation that built up and basically exploded on Mother’s Day, the children and I had to move from our home in El Paso, TX. We moved to Alpine, TX in June, and then again to Big Bend National Park in August. God blessed me with a teaching position in a school set up for the park ranger’s children. It is a k-8 Texas Recognized school. We are VERY small a total of 27 students! I am teaching the Kindergarten and first grade class. This a chore for someone who has never taught either first or kindergarten!!! God has truly blessed me in more ways than I could even begin to tell you!
My children are much happier and are getting the educational attention that they need to have for their dyslexia.

The greatest trial for me is adjusting to not having ANY Christian friends near by to talk to. I do not attend a church because there isn’t one near where we live. It takes at least 45 minutes to get to the closest town!! (And that town doesn’t even have a Wal-mart, or a real grocery store! AAAAWWWWWW Is that ever a BIG adjustment!!!!)

There is a small bible study that meets on Sunday mornings and Tuesday nights. I am usually helping with the children on Sunday and it seems that on Tuesdays it is difficult to get there because of homework and everything else that goes on in a family!

My Greatest need right now is wisdom and direction in what to do concerning my husband. Yes, he stayed in El Paso. I am having some difficulty with him in some very important areas. I do not know what the next step should be. Please pray for me so that I will hear God clearly!

I am so very glad to be a part of this blog. I honestly look forward to it every morning!
I pray that God blesses each of you far beyond anything you could ever dream or imagine!

OK, ladies! :) Let's uplift Rhonda and the kids, now that you know specific needs.


karna said...

Hi Rhonda - nice to meet you and hear about your interesting life teaching! Sounds like a unique opportunity for sure. May God bless you in all things right now and give you peace as well. Karen

MammyT said...

Rhonda, I'll add you to my prayer list. I am praying Psalm 20:1-5 for all my friends this month. This is such a good one, I may keep it for February too.
It is not good to be isolated -- I'm sure you know that. i'll be praying about some ways for you to have good fellowship, even if it is through cyberspace. God knew what He was doing with that, too!

rhonda said...

Thanks, Nancy for the encouraging words from God's word. I needed it very much!
Sometimes I feel that God saw that I was becoming to comfortable. The only friends I had in El Paso were Christians. Maybe he needed to move me out of there so that I would appreciate my Christian friends more than ever before! Iknow for certain that He moved me here therefore He WILL provide all that I need.
Thanks for your prayers! I appreciate them!!